Succulents of Southern Africa

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Succulents of Southern Africa is probably the most extensive photographic publication of general succulent plants of this region yet produced. Nothing else is available currently to the extent, lavish style and user-friendliness of this work. It has been made both possible and important due to the efforts of many photographers who, over the years, have accumulated the beautiful identifying photographs and have kindly permitted their use. It records 133 genera with 1117 species with their subspecies and varieties. Every plants is beautifully illustrated with at least one colour photograph alongside the relevant text on the same spread. This feature makes the book extremely user-friendly. The introduction includes an extensive section on cultivation. A full-colour map of the sub-region is included as well as a map of the western Cape region into Namibia, the home of most of the succulent species of the region. The text includes a description of the plant and its distribution. There are over 2700 of the best available colour photographs in all, doing justice to this fascinating group of plants. Succulents of Southern Africa is a valuable addition for all who are interested in succulent plants as well as for botanical faculties, libraries, universities and for the serious book collector.