House Blend : Desert Dirt - Professional Grade Mineral Potting Mix

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Desert Dirt™ is a professional grade Cactus and Succulent soil mix and is a carefully balanced blend of Japanese volcanic clays, grit, and a dash of coconut coir and horticultural sand which results in a fast-draining substrate that can help you maintain the right moisture levels for your plant’s fragile, rot-prone roots.

The soils and substrates we use in our mix have the benefit of centuries of road-testing by Japanese horticulturalists for use in growing delicate and sensitive bonsai. It turns out that the same things that work well for bonsai also work really well for cacti and succulents, and similar mixes are frequently used by the best cacti and succulent growers in Japan and Asia.


1 - 2 litre orders will be sent in a resealable kraft paper package as shown in the listing.

0.5, 6, 10 and 20 litre orders will be sent in a kraft paper package similar to that shown in the listing but without option to reseal.

All will be boxed up with recyclable tape and recyclable paper void fill added. Sometimes we use packing peanuts--these are made out of potato starch and are compostable.


Please note that we sell by volume and not weight. Weight can be misleading as volume depends then on the density of the product. The components of our Blends are selected to be porous and quickly draining, so a litre of mix will weigh less than a kilogram.

Otherwise, 1 litre of mixture will be enough to fill a 10 cm pot. If you are unsure of how much you need, feel free to contact us and we're happy to help with the maths.


For best results, use in a planter with drainage hole and stir gently before planting as contents will separate naturally in transit.

If your plant is still in the soil in which you've purchased it (from the garden centre or nursery, etc.) it would be beneficial to remove all soil before planting, as soil is likely to be peat based and will rot your plant regardless of what you place around it. You can also take this opportunity to inspect for root borne pests which are extremely common and easily brought into your collection unknowingly.

Allow plant to remain dry after planting for at least 24 hours to allow roots to heal from repotting. However, please also respect your plant's normal dormancy cycles and watering schedules.

There is very little organic material in the mix to simulate the 'poor' soils your plant would naturally grow in. This allows for natural looking, slow and compact growth prised by collectors. However, please feel free to use fertilisers during your plant's growing season to preference (I certainly do).

Our mix is reusable! The clays will break down slowly over years, and the grits and pumices will be around forever, meaning that our mix can be used time and time again after you de-pot and re-pot as needed.